The Book and a New Look

The Look

After letting the website run on autopilot for way too long, I’ve decided it’s time for an upgrade and an “updo.” With this upgrade I’ve integrated WordPress with TNG, which makes updating non-genealogy pages a breeze as well as providing more flexibility and creative goodies. Because of the WordPress integration, I am asking all previous users to please re-register with the site. I appreciate your patience about this and I think you will appreciate the ability to better manage your profile.

The Book

Yes. You read that right: The Book. Lord knows I am a first-class procrastinator but if I want to get a book done in my lifetime, I’ve got to get started! I do have enough information now to cover up to the first five generations on most of the six lines. I’m not going to publish the book here, but I will be posting updates and teasers. More importantly, I will be asking for input and I’m hoping you will all be willing to help out!

Please make a point of coming back often, reading and providing input. Thank you!

  1. There was a story in my family of a ( Hoon de larly or larlee) . I have been looking for a topographical match or a person for larly or larlee in western Europe or the British Isles. Please email me back if you have any information. Thank You

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