Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada


Latitude: 46.2333330, Longitude: -67.5166670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DICKINSON, Abner  10 Mar 1850Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I912
2 DICKINSON, Ada Ruth  21 Apr 1876Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1314
3 DICKINSON, Anne  02 Jun 1835Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1260
4 DICKINSON, Annie Meriah  07 Dec 1858Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1423
5 DICKINSON, Arthur Young  06 Jun 1882Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1316
6 DICKINSON, Darius  30 May 1819Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I876
7 DICKINSON, Duncan  08 Jan 1808Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I872
8 DICKINSON, Elisha  06 Oct 1818Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I870
9 DICKINSON, Elizabeth  02 May 1829Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1256
10 DICKINSON, Elizabeth H.  Aug 1829Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I878
11 DICKINSON, Ella Blanche  16 Jan 1875Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1313
12 DICKINSON, Emma  11 Sep 1837Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I904
13 DICKINSON, Frederick William  27 Apr 1842Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I907
14 DICKINSON, George  1833Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I900
15 DICKINSON, Hannah Ann  02 Apr 1818Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I875
16 DICKINSON, Hoeman Carey  02 May 1873Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1312
17 DICKINSON, James D.  22 Apr 1827Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I887
18 DICKINSON, James Duncan  1846Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I910
19 DICKINSON, James Duncan  18 Jan 1825Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I881
20 DICKINSON, Jane  31 Jul 1825Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1254
21 DICKINSON, John  14 Sep 1823Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1252
22 DICKINSON, John H.  1844Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I909
23 DICKINSON, Margaret  19 Dec 1841Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1266
24 DICKINSON, Maria  22 Sep 1839Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1487
25 DICKINSON, Martha  1835Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I902
26 DICKINSON, Mary Alice  07 Jul 1869Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1310
27 DICKINSON, Mary Ann  1826Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I882
28 DICKINSON, Mary Elizabeth  1840Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I906
29 DICKINSON, Matthew Phillip  11 Dec 1820Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I877
30 DICKINSON, Nancy Ann  1830Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I896
31 DICKINSON, Randolph Ketchum  1831Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I897
32 DICKINSON, Robert A.  07 Apr 1831Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I891
33 DICKINSON, Samuel  22 Oct 1837Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1262
34 DICKINSON, Samuel N.  24 Nov 1802Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I245
35 DICKINSON, Sarah Amelia  10 Jun 1849Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1267
36 DICKINSON, Sarah Ann  1832Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I879
37 DICKINSON, Susan A.  10 Jun 1853Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I913
38 DICKINSON, Susan Rachael  16 Aug 1821Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1250
39 PHILLIPS, Jane Francis  17 Jul 1807Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I277
40 SHARPE, John Bishop  22 Aug 1899Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1427
41 STEWART, George  08 Feb 1847Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I937


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DICKINSON, Frederick William  29 Nov 1912Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I907
2 DICKINSON, George  UNKNOWNWakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I900
3 DICKINSON, James Duncan  07 Oct 1917Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I910
4 DICKINSON, Nancy Ann  1895Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I896
5 GIBERSON, William O.  1887Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I1014


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DICKINSON, Duncan  Aug 1808Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I872


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 DICKINSON, Duncan  15 Sep 1871Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I872
2 MCGEE, Hannah  20 Aug 1882Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada I893


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROWN / DICKINSON  31 Jan 1860Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada F318
2 DICKINSON / MCGEE  13 Jun 1829Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada F301
3 DICKINSON / SHAW  11 Nov 1817Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada F296
4 DICKINSON / THOMAS  06 Sep 1820Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada F297
5 DICKINSON / THORNCRAFT  07 Mar 1831Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada F94
6 GIBERSON / LARLEE  07 Jan 1830Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada F355
7 KIMBALL / DICKINSON  16 Nov 1848Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada F431
8 MCGEE / DICKINSON  18 Mar 1822Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada F298
9 NIXON / DICKINSON  29 Dec 1853Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada F436
10 STEWART / DICKINSON  20 May 1874Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada F330
11 STIMPSON / LARLEE  20 Nov 1823Wakefield, New Brunswick, Canada F358
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