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Sometime in the mid-1700s, a young frenchman immigrated to New France in North America to start a new life. Upon his arrival, he changed his name to Larlee. In the fullness of time, this young man married and settled down to raise a family. This website is dedicated to the descendents of that family.Family history is so much more than just a list of vital statistics and place names. Every family has its share of family lore, oral histories and traditions that should be preserved. So, even though you will find a lot of the usual “begats” and other similar information, please take the time to check out the blog. I hope that family members from all the branches will take the time to share favorite family stories and traditions so they won’t be forgotten.

If you would be willing to share vital statistic information about your particular branch of the family, you can use the suggestion box and I will be happy to update your information. Even better, register to become a user and you will be able to have access to information only available to members of the extended Larlee family, you will be able to edit existing or add new information to the tree and post to the blog.

More than anything, I want to share our family history in a way that is as interesting as it is informative. This project needs to be a collaborative effort for it to be successful and I welcome any information that will help fill in the many blanks still remaining in the family tree. Allowing family members the opportunity to add/edit information makes it possible for me to spend more time looking for good source documentation. In addition to finding sources, I want to research historical events and discover how history affected our ancestors and how they affected history.

Enjoy your visit and please sign the guestbook before you leave! There is a lot of information to absorb, so I hope you’ll bookmark this site and come back often. Please pass the word to family members and, as always, you can email me at any time at heather@larleegenealogy.org.

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